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The paintings of Elliot Twelvetrees are abstract visions, glimpses of interior landscapes, fragments of visual stories told with lush color fields and neutral palettes with mark making using both standard and unconventional tools.  Informed by training in the Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain, and a career as a decorative painter, she fuses classical and modern paint techniques to abstract and abstract-expressionist sensibilities. Brought up in a touring, musical family, she has lived in and experienced many cities and cultures in the U.S., Europe, and Central America.  Her aesthetic has been cultivated in countless museums, libraries, natural landscapes, and city cafes. “When I compose and make a painting I am conjuring with color, gestural line, memory, and layers of paint.  I want you to see vistas from the corner of your eye, remember a long-lost poem, hear a distant melody, be enveloped by a subtle or powerful mood.”

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